• Date
      2017.03.04 - 04.09
    • Artist
      Chen Qiulin
    • Curator
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Chen Qiulin: Another Kind of Ruin

The work of Chengdu-based artist Chen Qiulin contains a sustained focus on populations and cultures that, in the process of urbanization in China, have become marginalized. Her explorations of this topic combines a variety of media including video, photography and installation with personal experience and sensitive reflection.
As the first show in “Personal Space”, Chen Qiulin presents the multimedia work Another Day. It originates with her study of the living conditions of women in the southeastern mountains of Guizhou Province. In China, women living in rural areas far from the city are not only completely abandoned by modern life, but subject to local traditions. Typically, they cannot enjoy equal status with men even in family life. Beds become their only privacy; a space to which they are tied, but where they can also feel free. Another Day consists of two parts, one an installation with a bed as its focus. The other combines a video work and photographs with local women as their subject. Here, Chen Qiulin brings her exquisite observation and experience to explore the natural instincts of these good-hearted women and the awe in which traditions are held. Chen Qiulin invests these traits in the female actress for her work, as she wanders through the village, like a jewel hidden in its narrow lanes. In this way, she shows the old traditions which have little place in modern civilization but remain the core of life in rural communities.
The exhibition runs from March 4, to April 9, 2017.

OCAT Xi’an would like to thank A Thousand Plateaus Gallery for their generous support of Chen Qiulin’s project.

About the Artist

Chen Qiulin was born in Hubei in 1975. She graduated from the printmaking department of the Sichuan Fine Arts Institute in 2000. Currently she lives and works in Chengdu.


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