• Date
      2017.04.15 - 05.28
    • Artist
      Luo Bin, Ren Yaning
    • Curator
      Yang Xi
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Still Life

Luo Bin & Ren Yaning Photo Project

Exploring the increasing sense of alienation that individuals in contemporary society experience of reality is an important theme in the work of Luo Bin and Ren Yaning. Luo Bin approaches this sensation through natural objects that are used in traditional Chinese medicine. He photographs these using the early wet-plate process. The intense detail and depth of the resulting photographs imbues these physical objects with a wholly ethereal quality. This type of transformation enacted upon a simple organic form is associated with the work of Edward Weston, such as his iconic image Green Pepper. The main distinction of Luo Bin’s works is to introduce a sense of oriental mystique to the object beyond the appeal of its formal appearance. If Luo Bin’s Series of Medicine and Things is in search of an aura of animism, and of a space in which to project his sense of alienation, so Ren Yaning’s Animal Series makes it play for these qualities through the artist’s use of light, as in strong directional lighting achieved through a strong flash exposure. This separates the image of the animal from its environment, and creates a disconnect between falsity and truth. The concept of “still life” is a link between these two bodies of work. It is also what makes the work striking. Still life is a fundamental element of art and of photography, and one which has fallen to the sidelines in modern photography. The works of Luo Bin and Ren Yaning take their strength from the distinctive qualities of the photography language, drawing on a familiar tradition to speak of a very contemporary condition in regard of alienation from the reality represented by the objects they photograph.
About the Artist
Luo Bin grew up in Huxian county, Shaanxi. In 2005, he graduated from the Department of Printmaking at Xi’an Academy of Fine Arts, where he majored in photography. He currently teaches at Xi’an University of Technology. Luo Bin is a member of the Shaanxi Photographers’ Association and the Human Geography Photographers’ Association.
Ren Yaning was born in 1988 in Xunyi, Shaanxi. He graduated from the Department of Motion Picture Photography and Animation at Xi’an Academy of Fine Arts. He is currently completing a masters’ degree within the same field.


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