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    • Date
      2019.03.10 - 2019.05.26
    • Artist
      Dai Chenlian, Ye Su
    • Curator
      Yang Xi
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Qin in Retrospect

The concept of “Qin Wang” is taken from the Qinwangshan – a hill located in Shaoxing, Zhejiang province. 2200 years ago, the first emperor of Qin set out from Xi’an (Xianyang) to Kuaiji (in Suzhou, Jiangsu province today) to worship Dayu. On the journey, the emperor passed a hill which he climbed to overlook the surroundings. In this way, as unknown hill acquired the name “Qinwangshan”.

Beijing-based Shaoxing artists Ye Su and Dai Chenlian together discuss the historical facts of “Qingwangshan” through fictional experiences and archaeological methods. These trigger an interaction between individual circumstances and social landscape. In the project, Ye Su continues research of the Cilingseries Qin’s architecture. The fruit pattern signifies the palace wall and the Empire’s unification of states that became “China”. Ye Su was inspired by the fruit as a neat and dense supermarket display, where the strong sense of order reflects contemporary life. In Ye Su’s virtual space, Dai Chenlian responds through live shadow play. Different from Ye Su’s macro-aesthetics, Dai Chenlian’s shadow theatre unfolds through the ordinary story of a specific person, and the studio left behind by the protagonist. Through his narration individual of fate, he outlines the burden that ordinary people bear, the change they experience in an era of social transformation.

Two artists explore the social fluctuations caused by the spatial and temporal displacements of different characters. This becomes a prism through which they examine the impact of various geographic issues within China today.

About the Artist
Dai Chenlian was born in Shaoxing, Zhejiang in 1983. He graduated from the China Academy of Art. He is one of a handful of contemporary artists in China to work across theatre and visual arts.
Ye Su (Zhang Fan) was born in Shaoxing, Zhejiang in 1983. He graduated from the oil panting department of Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, and the experimental art department of China Central Academy of Fine Arts. He currently lives as an independent artist in Beijing. 

About the Curator
Yang Xi, independent curator, writer and art history researcher. He graduated from the Art History Department of Xi’an Academy of Fine Arts with a MA in 2015. Now he is continually working on a PhD in visual culture and art criticism in Xi’an Academy of Fine Arts. He lives and works in Xi’an.


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