• Date
      2017.09.23 - 11.26
    • Artist
      Wang Chao
    • Curator
      Yang Xi
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Wang Chao: Transition

In recent years, through his personal practice of ink painting, Wang Chao has frequently emphasized a form of communication between individuals and the tools of painterly expression, his aim being to anthropomorphize, concretize and visualize the ink itself simultaneously. In this approach, he begins with “one brushstroke”, the elementary unit in traditional ink, and continues the painting through a hundred or more hours if necessary until the work is complete. As example, in Transition every stroke is linked from the first to the last until the final work is of equal proportion to the expanse of useable walls within the Xi’an Showcase exhibition space. Crossing over and under across the rice paper, extending and expanding to the limit of the space, water and ink fill the arena whilst maintaining an even tension across the surface, each stroke under control, yet feeling almost out of control. The early Qing Dynasty painter Shi Tao believed that “all things are derived from a single brushstroke”. Thereby, this basic unit is the engine of diversity, the carrier of matter and container of souls.

Transition is a space constructed by strokes, the original element. Wang Chao deploys this traditional methodology to highlight the essential transitions that occur within the ink itself in the process of painting, which engender this content through the deployment of its immanent antagonisms, deadlocks and inconsistencies. By means of its interwoven structure, the physical changes that characterise ink are placed in a contemporary context, like Neo’s motion and emotion within the space of The Matrix. The appropriation of the entire space disrupts the stable order of the original image, continuously determining its own frequency and step. With the audience immersed in the space, Wang Chao presents a multitude of problems to experience and solve.
About the Artist

Wang Chao was born in Shaanxi in 1986. He graduated from Department of Chinese Painting in Xi’an Academy of Fine Arts with a master’s degree in 2013. Currently he works and lives in Xi’an. Wang Chao’s solo exhibition “In a Breath” has been presented in Art Museum of Nanjing University of the Arts in 2016. Also he participated in group exhibitions including: “Breaking the Barrier: Xi’an Contemporary Art Exhibition 2017”, Xi’an Art Museum, Xi’an, 2017; “Inter-Youth International Painting Exhibition”, China Academy of Art Museum, Hangzhou, 2016; “Ivy Art 2015: Chinese Young Artists’ Exhibition”, Today Art Museum, Beijing, 2015; “Time Zone: Creation and Exploration of Contemporary Young College Teachers”, Art Museum of Nanjing University of the Arts, Nanjing, 2013; “Growing - 2013 Shanghai Youth Biennial”, China Arts Museum, Shanghai, 2013.


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