• Date
      2017.03.04 - 04.09
    • Artist
      Hu Yun
    • Curator
      Yang Xi
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Hu Yun: "We've Been Here Before"

Shanghai-based artist Hu Yun has developed a practice that centres on fascinating narratives. The stories that he unravels and weaves together in art works are all inspired by real people. They are evolved through a process of research, which may, equally, take an interesting question or discovery as its prompt. In pursuit of his curiosity, Hu Yun has journeyed to many different places. Some being specific locations, including historic sites, in various different countries. Others take the form of diverse institutions, such as museums, libraries, or scientific laboratories. 

In form, Hu Yun’s works might be drawings, paintings, moving images or assemblages of multiple objects. We might describe these generally as installations, but important is the honest connection that exists between the objects he brings together, and into which the narratives are woven.

The backstory to Hu Yun’s project for OCAT Xi’an can be traced back to an early topic presented in the solo exhibition “Lift with Care” in 2013. This involved a journey undertaken in 1908-9 by a group of foreign scientists led by Robert Sterling Clark to the western region of China, cross country and up to Tibet. It also mentions that in the same area in the 1930s, American journalist Edgar Snow gathered information that would be published as Red Star Over China. With these clues, Hu Yun travelled to Xi’an in 2016 to start research for his presentation, and look forward to exploring new histories that aroused his curiosity: “Shaanxi – the Wreckage of Space Probes Recycling Depot”, its also the main theme for the project this time.

This area further overlapped with a journey made by Hu Yun’s grandfather during modern China’s revolutionary period – a journey that Hu Yun mapped out, through a series of conversations with his grandfather. Since then, Hu Yun has repeatedly drawn upon his grandfather’s memories as source material for his projects as the artist seeks links between himself and history. 

Through his investigation, Hu Yun revisits and edits these fragments of time taking on board the perspective of multiple characters, thus we discover how traces remain with us today. 

The exhibition runs from March 4 to April 9, 2017.

OCAT Xi'an would like to thank Aike Dellarco Gallery, Shanghai, for support of Hu Yun’s project.

About the Artist

Hu Yun was born in 1986 in Shanghai, Hu Yun lives and works in Shanghai. He graduated from China Academy of Art.  His selected solo exhibitions include "Up to the Sky"- Magician Space Beijing 2010; "Image of Nature"- Natural History Museum London 2010; "Our Ancestors"- Goethe Institut Shanghai 2012; "Lift with Care" 2013 and "Narration Sickness" 2016 at Aike Dellarco Gallery. He  also is the co-founder of art e-journal PDF.

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