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OCAT Xi’an at FIVE 2013-2018

This year, on November 3, OCAT Xi’an celebrates its fifth birthday. It is remarkable how fast time has passed since we launched five years ago in November 2013. We are proud of the diversity of exhibition projects that we have commissioned since then. It has been our privilege to bring an amazing diversity of art, artists, ideas and events to our audience, all of which has helped to make OCAT Xi’an a unique site for contemporary art in the ancient city of Xi’an. The opening of this year’s spring exhibitions brings the number of exhibitions and artist projects to fifty. A small portion of these has introduced international artists, in both exhibitions and workshop activities that have been made possible by the support of numerous arts organisations such as the Alliance Français, the British Council and LUX (moving image collective for artists), London, and sponsor programmes such as the Rolls-Royce Art Initiative. To which we add this year generous assistance from Vancouver Art Gallery and the Canadian Council for the Arts. We have also received invaluable support from galleries across China. To all those who have supported us so far, we offer heartfelt thanks.
To celebrate the fifth anniversary of OCAT Xi’an, we present a series of exhibitions and events, which launch in March and culminate in a large-scale celebration on 3rd November 2018. Join us to mark a mile stone in our history. We look forward to having you with us for the next five years.


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