• Date
      2019.03.10 - 2019.05.26
    • Artist
      Anna Fox, Karen Knorr
    • Curator
      Hao Xu
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Spring Exhibition | Another Way of Telling

“Another Way of Telling” showcases almost 100 works from the rich careers of Anna Fox and Karen Knorr, two of the UK’s leading documentary photographers. Their work brings an acerbic wit to bear on their sharp social commentary. Viewed through their highly individual perspectives, these subjects are also wrapped in a warm dose of humor. The result is a penetrating insight into the issues of the times. The exhibition includes selections from representative themes in each of their bodies of work on the subject of class, working environments, and self-awareness. All is presented from a distinct, alternative perspective, exampled in Anna Fox’s two series Work Stations and Basingstoke, and Karen Knorr’s Belgravia, with their particular focus on the gulf in class attitudes still prevalent in the UK. 

In her more recent work Fables and India Song, Karen Knorr constructs scenes from the real and virtual worlds to produce these series. Anna Fox continues to explore the stereotypes that underscore contemporary aspirations in today’s ubiquitous consumer-driven world. As described by British photo critic Sean O’Hagan, her ‘subject matter is the ordinary and the everyday,’ but what makes the resulting images striking is how she ‘approaches it with an artist's eye for the absurd and the revealing.’ 

Since the late 1970s, there has been a volume of activity in the field of documentary photography in the UK, which both builds upon and stands as a reaction to the documentary tradition. This in essence is core of Anna Fox and Karen Knorr’s achievement, described here as ‘another way of telling’. 
About the Photographers

Anna Fox (b. 1961, Alton, UK) graduated from West Surrey College of Art and Design College in 1986. She began working with photography in the early 1980s, emerging as one of the most exciting color documentary photographers of the period.  Influenced by the emergence of a new British documentary tradition – the wave of new colorists such as Paul Graham and Martin Parr – her fascinating study of the bizarre and the ordinariness in daily life in Britain resulted in a combination of social observation with highly personal diary projects. Anna is concurrently a professor of photography at the University for the Creative Arts in Farnham.
Karen Knorr (USA / UK) was born in Germany and in the 1960’s grew up in San Juan Puerto Rico. In the 1970s, she moved to the UK where she has lived ever since. Karen’s photography explores cultural heritage and its ideological underpinnings. Questions concerning post-colonialism and its relationship to aesthetics have permeated her photographic work since the 1980s. Karen’s work developed a critical and playful dialogue with documentary photography using different visual and textual strategies to explore her chosen subject matter that ranges from the family and lifestyle to the animal and its representation in the museum context. Karen has been a professor of photography at the University for the Creative Arts since 2010. 

About the Curator
Hao Xu (b. 1987) is a photographer, artist, writer and curator based in Shanghai. His writing and research focuses on queer theory and identity, landscape and typology, and camera-less photography using alternative techniques. As an artist, he has participated in PhotoFairs Shanghai, Jimei x Arles International Photo Festival and FORMAT International Photography Festival in the UK. 

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