• Date
      2016.03.19 - 2016.05.29
    • Artist
      Yao Qingmei
    • Curator
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Sanzu Ding and its Patterns

Solo Project by Yao Qingmei

Continuing the theme of education as a process of learning, OCAT Xi’an invited the young Paris-based artist Yao Qingmei to return to China for a period of residence and study in the deeply historic environs of Xi’an and its great museums. For the project “Sanzu Ding and its Patterns: Hypotheses on the origin of the ‘’ sign”, she deploys her singular approach to unearthing new and distinctive interpretations of history through an exploration of the wealth of cultural relics that can be found in Xi’an.
Yao Qingmei applies the faultless rational logic of scientific methodology to the line of her deductions giving us an equally faultless line of reasoning for her hypothesis, but that is potentially based on entirely errant conclusions. Where the outcome clearly departs from accepted fact does that make the artist a genius or a knowing charlatan? Yao Qingmei demonstrates that where the accepted readings of cultural hieroglyphs and iconography are concerned, the facts are not quite as indisputable as some historians would have us believe.
Yao Qingmei presents her findings in the form of a multi-textural installation, which includes a thoroughly researched archive of the materials she procured in the course of carrying out her methodical groundwork. The form and nature of the installation reflects the paradoxical blend of sobriety and humour she brings to her practice. Yao Qingmei is also known for a diverse range of performance and pseudo-performance works which see her play the role of familiar cultural icons and social stereotypes, in sequences bent to her own distinctive view of the world. The “Sanzu Ding and its Patterns: Hypotheses on the origin of the ‘’ sign” is a fine example of the lengths to which she goes to illustrate her worldview.

About the Artist

Yao Qingmei was born in Wenzhou in 1982. She graduated from Limoges-Aubusson in 2011, before receiving a Master degree from Villa Arson, Nice, France in 2013.


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