• Date
      2016.11.05 - 2017.02.19
    • Artist
      Cai Xiaohua, Chen Yan, Guo Haiqiang, He Li, Hu Zuhao, Kumi Usui, Liu Xia, Li Xiaoqian, Ren Han, Xiang Yang,Xing Qingren, Zhang Lei, Zhou Bin, Zhou Chaowei
    • Curator
      Wang Mengmeng
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OCAT Xi’an is proud to present the new exhibition “Puzzles”, the grand finale to this year’s programme of events under the heading “About Art and Xi’an” that explores the contemporary art ecology of this great historic city.
It is a great pleasure for OCAT Xi’an to invite the Xi’an-based curator Wang Mengmeng to create this exhibition. In the careful selection of works that Wang Mengmeng has undertaken, “Puzzles” makes an important contribution to exploring the artistic ecology of Xi’an today. These diverse works reflect the concerns of artists immersed in their practice within a cultural context steeped in history and somewhat resistant to contemporary ideas.
“Puzzles” takes as its core focus four distinct topics which explore the relationship between art as practiced in Xi'an and across China in general. This is achieved in the context of artists who have a connection to Xi’an, having been born or studied in Xi’an, and some for whom the connection is less direct. The issues with which they engage are manifest in the choice of approach, style and subject-matter that each artist brings to their expression, revealing Xi’an to be a site which inspires great diversity.
OCAT Xi’an offers sincere thanks to curator Wang Mengmeng and her team for the diligence and care she brought to realising the concept for “Puzzles”. Thanks go also to Boers-li Gallery and C-Space in Beijing for their kind assistance with artist loans. 


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