• Date
      2015.06.06 - 2015.08.09
    • Artist
      Qin Jin
    • Curator
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Bones that Comply, Flesh that Yields

"Bones that Comply, Flesh that Yields" is the second presentation of a group of moving image works first shown at OCAT Shenzhen in 2013, and by a young artist whose work is distinct for being intensely personal, intimate and emotional. Video is a central component of Qin Jin's work, evidenced in two examples here; the installation work 29 Years, Eight Months and Nine Days (2009) and the chromatic hand-drawn Taking my Pelvic Bone for a Walk (2012). 29 Years, Eight Months and Nine Days separates the video from the various articles of clothing, ironed smooth and flat like a wafer and browned to a crisp, which are presented in display cases as if relics in a museum. Exploiting a similar sensation, Taking my Pelvic Bone for a Walk creates its own visual enigma where we see the artist using a "pelvic bone" cast from colour pigment powder as an unconventional drawing tool in an unconventional drawing environment.

A third piece is the large-scale video installation When I am Dead, completed in 2013, and which contains three interconnected sequences shown side by side. Visually, When I am Dead takes its cue from an aged woman who sits in eloquent silence, at a desk writing a letter. She appears suspended in reverie; the film might be her dream, or a recollection of her childhood or youth. Qin Jin presents what appears to be a narrative musing on the woman's life, cloaking the work in an aura of mystic truth. To which we must necessarily respond ourselves, and as our own experience dictates.

About the Artist

Qin Jin 
(b.1976, Guangzhou) graduated from Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts with a Masters degree in 2003. She currently lives and works in Guangzhou. Her recent solo exhibitions include: "When I am dead", 2015, SOME/THINGS Gallery, Paris; "For Those Who Are Superstitious, Sacrifice Is Real", 2014, OCAT Shenzhen; "When I am dead", 2014, Art Museum of Nanjing University of the Arts, Nanjing; "My dear, please close your eyes", 2011, Tengnuo Space, Guangzhou; "Getting To Know You Again", 2009, Magician Space, Beijing; "Delete", 2006, Art Museum of Guangdong, Guangzhou.

Selected group exhibitions include: "Institution Production", 2015, Guangdong Art Museum, Guangzhou; The 10th China Independent Film Festival, 2014, Xiamen; "History Lessons: Reflections on OCAT Publishing", OCAT Shenzhen; "Do my stuff", 2010, 53 Art Museum, Guangzhou; "Departure--Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hong Kong and Macao Contemporary Art Exhibition," 2008, He Xiangning Art Museum, Shenzhen.

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