• Date
      2015.03.21 - 2015.05.17
    • Artist
      Feng Weijing, Zhu Jianlin, Shi Yijie
    • Curator
      Wu Jianru
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Call Me A Shi

In this project, we see three artists, Feng Weijing, Zhu Jianlin and Shi Yijie, working together in collaboration for the self-published monthly magazine Feng Huo, which the artists are devoted to producing together above and beyond the time they commit to their own artwork. The lower ground floor exhibition space has been configured to present an overview of their editorial and creative process.
The focal point of the project is also art history, and the name “A Shi” is a play on this, with a distinctly irreverent tone for the concerns explored. A Shi is taken as the name of a fictional artist created for a cartoon-comic story serialised in Feng Huo. For this exhibition, A Shi presents six works in the inimical style seen in the comic strip, where A Shi’s approach to art is the result of responding to a series of questions and each response lends meaning to the final artwork. A Shi’s role as a creator is a vehicle for reflecting the three artists’ understanding of and their doubts concerning the state of art today. It is also a means of referencing the weight and relevance of art history to all acts of creation for art history is the ultimate critic of everything an artist attempts.
To the three artists, art is not a specific thing, but an aura that suffuses daily life. They all have a similar educational background and share a common experience as young artists drawing upon daily life as the fundamental resource of the creative process. Art and daily life have a long inseparable relationship, one that has continued to deepen from the 20th century to now. For this trio of artists, “daily life” includes everything from conversations with their parents, to the stalls they see on the sidewalk every day, to the literature they read, to the taste of seafood they enjoy, or the smell of the city air they breathe. With this kind of anything-goes attitude, their works may appear to be anti-art in approach. But as they search out an aesthetic form for contemporary art, their determination to draw upon the aura of the times as a resource achieves a unique manner of expression.


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