• Date
      2014.09.06 - 2014.10.12
    • Artist
      Cai Dongdong, Chen Wenbo, Jiao Xingtao, Ma Yunfei, Qin Ga, Shi Jing, Shi Jinsong, Shi Xinning, Shi Hengbo, Song Yonghong, Song Yuanyuan, Wang Qingqing, Wu Xiaochuan, Xu Ruotao, Xu Xiaoguo, Zhao Nengzhi, Zhuang Hui, Dan Er
    • Curator
      Dai Zhuoqun
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Civilisation, Round 2: Yulin

----- A multifaceted approach to art and humanism

The concept for the exhibition series titled Civilisation centres on forging links and creative cultural intervention between artists and society. Artists are invited to participate in a concentrated interaction with daily life in one of the recent urbanised rural centres that are emerging across the country.         

As this is the second exhibition in the series, Yulin embodies this process and reveals the diverse possibilities for art in today’s world. As the name suggests, the focus is the area known as Yulin in the northern part of Shaanxi province. In August 2013, led by the project initiator, curator Dai Zhuoqun, 18 artists embarked on a unique art fieldtrip over an extended period. OCAT Xi’an is delighted to present the results of their experience in “Civilisation”, Round 2: Yulin. The artists’ responses are widely varied, taking the form of painting in oil, watercolour and ink, to installation, sculpture and mixed media, and experimental film and photography.


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