Xi'an Showcase

Xi’an Showcase is not just the name of a new project for OCAT Xi’an, but a new space inserted into the exhibition hall; a special “corner” dedicated to use for the project. In geometry, a “corner” is formed at the vertex of two lines or rays emanating from it. The Greek mathematician Euclid proposed that a corner or angle represents a relationship between the two rays. A century later, philosopher Proclus suggested that this type of elemental relationship could be quantified. The “corner” itself thus becomes the carrier of multiple relationships, which are embodied in the Xi’an Showcase project.
Xi’an Showcase focuses on local artists and art groups. The sequence of presentations will rotate at a relatively faster pace than the main exhibitions at OCAT Xi’an, and thus contain an intensive energy. The project unfolds through a series of four different “relationships” that begin from the site itself, the “corner” of the museum, to explore possibilities for the project itself in relation to social, economic and aesthetic issues, and the relationship between artists and curators. Xi’an Showcase is intended to inspire local artists to new fields of creativity, rooted in their knowledge structure, understanding and personal methodology contra traditional art. Each will use different media and vocabularies to explain the relationships that exist within their daily discoveries. The approach is a process of natural growth rather than resorting to a conscious formula to advance the concept of art. There are multiple layers of meaning in daily relationships that can be covered and which include that between life and art.
Xi’an Showcase is not just a visual presentation. It also seeks to reflect the mindset of artists working in Xi’an. Xi’an Showcase is the first step in a series of project created by OCAT Xi’an to support local artists.
Programme Curator: Yang Xi

  1. Launching this spring is a new project titled “Personal Space”. Following the success of the Xi’an Showcase project space, we launch Personal Space to provide a platform for young artists from outside of Xi’an to showcase their work. This dedicated programme will give particular place to young artists working in unusual fields or with unconventional media.


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