Xi'an Weekend

    • Date
      2015.04.12 17:00-18:00
    • Guest
    • Moderator
      Wang Xiaozhou
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Crossover Performance Workshop

ZERO Lotus Freebody Workshop is a curatorial organisation that cultivates art projects exploring, in order to explore the hybrid engagement and practice across the field of body art, visual art and music. ZERO Lotus Freebody Workshop serves as a main driving force and platform to collectively identify and (re)define body. It aims at promoting the development of contemporary art in western regions of China, and to contribute in art content distribution pathways. Organised by Wang Xiaozhou, this event is in collaboration with theatre and film director Li Ning under the umbrella group the Physical Guerrillas. Their performances have been invited to theatres and international art festivals worldwide. Their artistic agenda is to create social space for performance and action. For many years, they have been bringing their performances to both urban and rural areas, actively interacting with the “here and now” of society.

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