Xi'an Weekend

    • Date
      2015.01.23 19:30 - 22:00 
    • Guest
      Li Bo, Ren Zhe, Shi Xiangyu, Wang Jiong, Liu Zhi
    • Moderator
      Shang Zinan
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The Changing Illusion of The Water, The Origin of The Water

This activity includes multiple art forms of poetry, painting, music and photography together to express the theme of “water” to unearth the characteristics of art, aesthetic meanings and philosophic symbols.
This activity consists of four parts. (Length: 120 min)
Part 1: Image scene, photographic images, 30 min
This part exhibits artworks about the theme of “water” from four photographers of Shi Xinghang, Dracula, Ye Xiaoping, Li Hui with very different styles, to feel “the changing illusion of the water” in their minds.
Part 2: Poem and music scene, a combination of original poems and experimental music performance, 30 min
Two experimental poems regarding the theme of “water” are shown in the electroacoustic music form to achieve the combined poem and music art effect.
Musicians: Feng Dou, System Error, Communication with the World via functions
Poets: Ba He Jiu Sheng, Chen Yue, He Guang Poetry Society
Part 3: Music scene, Synth Drone music, 15 min
Musicians: Qin Ling, System Error, Hardware testing engineer
Part 4: Painting scene, a combination of the water-theme art concept and live creating, 30 min
The honoured guest will give a speech. The experimental Chinese ink artist Shi Xiangyu will create a big scale Chinese ink painting at the scene. Meanwhile, Wang Jiong who is a lecturer from Xi’an Academy of Fine Arts will present the beauty of water lines using the art form of oil painting. Together, it brings you into an interaction of “water philosophy”.
Cooperated organisations:
Ran Jin is a new established art laboratory for young people in Xi’an. They work under a contemporary diverse environment to originate linguistic deconstruction, reconstruction and creation. They aim to express philosophic thinking about art in the new century, historic experience and humanistic concern via multiple-dimensions of serious literature, themed photography, and absolute music, etc.
System Error is a music organisation established in 2011.They focus on expression of sound art, experimental music, noise rock, free improvisation, surroundings and atmosphere, in general.


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