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The Weather War

Can mankind control the uncontrollable? Who owns the right to manipulate the nature? At what point will the human intervention on nature turn from good intention into bad consequence? Where are we in the circle of life? Can we intervene ? In this section about human intervention on nature, we show two artworks embodied with fantasies and ambitions, poetically and philosophically, both looking at the environmental issues through an artistic lens.
The Weather War
Film by Bigert & Bergström
58 min/colour/English

The Weather War is a documentary/art film about man’s attempts to control the weather and harness it for his own purposes. In a blend of land art performance and road movie, artist duo Bigert & Bergström travel to the US tornado belt with their special machine-sculpture, the Tornado Diverter. The goal: To stop a tornado. Along the way, we see historical examples of how the science of meteorology developed in symbiosis with military goals and how these visions evolved into modern ideas of geo-engineering. Controversial ideas with socio-political consequences, spotlighting the big question of who is really entitled to modified weather.
The Swedish artists duo Mats Bigert (b.1965) and Lars Bergström (b.1962) met during their study in the Royal Academy of Art in Stockholm and started collaboration since 1986. Their films and artworks including The Extended Life, The Storm, The Weather War and The Freeze,  have been shown in many art museums, institutions and film festivals.  


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