Xi'an Conversations

    • Date
      2017.03.03 19:00
    • Guest
      Deng Datei, Du Xiyun
    • Moderator
      Zhang Yaqian
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Project of Ruin: The Experience of Artist in Residence

On March 3rd, we'll invite the artist Deng Dafei and curator Du Xiyun to lecture on Deng's long term project Ruins at Xi'an Academy of Fine Arts. This lecture will focus on a string of Deng's creative experiences of his residency programme carried out on the urban ruins up till now and make an in-depth analysis of the relationship between Chinese contemporary art and modern society, as well as will evoke us to think about the impact on artists and each of us when art has been involved in a collision with reality.
"The geographical sites and relics formed in ruins have become our everyday visual landscape without exceptions, or seemingly, an inevitable fate in history during a period of urbanization in China. Not only are ruins the epitome of that social evolution process, but the vehicle that ties everyday life of generations. When I carved elaborated images on the cracked earth surrounded by debris in the ruins without any forms of performance and casual interactions with viewers, my works were always forced to change their forms through lots of interruptions and destructions. And that excited me to follow that change and made me realize that I’d been involved in a creation with the silent ruins, in the process of which my original intention of creation was changed as well."
-----Deng Dafei

About the Guests
Deng Dafei graduated from Department of Comprehensive Art, China Academy of Art, in 2005 with a master's degree. He is currently living and working in Beijing as an independent artist. In recently year, he initiated the Utopia Group with He Hai, and its practical methodology is comprised of a string of artist in residence programmes.
Du Xiyun, born in Beijing in August 1978, graduated from Department of Oil Painting, Shaanxi Normal University School of Fine Arts with a BA in 2000; Department of Fine Arts, Sichuan Fine Arts Institute with a master degree in 2006. Du has mainly engaged in art criticism, magazine editing, exhibition planning, etc. Currently he is executive editor Art Time magazine.


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