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OCAT Xi'an Online - City Portrait of Xi'an: Tales of Us

This autumn, Liz Hingley, a British photographer had turned a spotlight on the young people living in Xi'an, showing a subtle close relationship between individuals and the city through several groups of portraits. The transiency of different individuals' lives was recorded in those photos. The photographer, as a communication medium between her photographic subjects and camera, attempted to convey the similarity and difference of people's self-identity cognition in the period of social transition with personal tales behind different faces living in the same space, and made a microscopic observation on how the urban environment influences human's living state.
In the last month of 2016, as the extension of the theme of our exhibition Portrait of Xi'an: Resonance in OCAT Xi'an, an online activity City Portrait of Xi'an: Tales of Us is now open to the public for our interaction and further discussion about the relationship between individuals and city. Every one, born and raised or living in Xi'an, is welcomed to join this online activity for nearly 6 weeks presenting your own stories about you and Xi'an and memories of this city in the form of text, recording and video.

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