Xi'an Conversations

    • Date
      2016.12.02 19:00
    • Guest
      Xing Qingren, Li Xiaoqian, Guo Haiqiang, Liu Xia, Zhang Lei
    • Moderator
      Wang Mengmeng
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Not Bad! Painting: On the Sub-issues of Bad Painting

In the winter exhibition "Puzzles" at OCAT Xi'an, we are aiming at a deeper exploration on bad painting, a rather controversial topic in art history through art works we present in the unit Not Bad! Painting. The term "bad painting" originated from art critique in Italy, relevant to Arte Povera. Accordingly, bad painting best describes the art form of unconsciousness creation representing a strong power against principles, society and pressures, as well as a thorough return to Mother Nature, earth and natural property of human beings.
In the case of the current art state in Xi'an, yet we need a non-cooperative resistance distinguishing art from orthodox expressions of the official and academic school. "hei(黑)" referred to in the unit title means "hu lai(胡来)" in Xi'an dialect, revealing a state of fanatical pursuit, as well as unpredictable irrational actions. Hence, Not bad! Painting shows not only a profound preoccupation with painting, but also deviation from the formality and standards. This is no incongruity with the meaning of bad painting but on a certain level, constructs a new art context endowed with the implication of Hei and conveys a more detailed interpretation of bad painting.
You're much welcomed to join in the discussion on the sub-issues concerning bad painting with Wang Mengmeng, curator of the winter exhibition "Puzzels", and artists presented in the show for the unit Not Bad! Painting at 7:00 on this Friday night.


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