Xi'an Conversations

    • Date
      2016.09.25 15:00
    • Guest
      Fan Zhou, Jia Tingfeng
    • Moderator
      Zhang Qian
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Within the Ink: Lines, Rhythm and Imagination

On the 25th of September, Sunday afternoon at 3:00, the artist Fan Zhou will show you the practical creations of ink. With the curator Jia Tingfeng, both of them will lead you to go through the culture context of the creation of modern ink painting in China, meanwhile, to discuss and explore the role of local culture played and the influences that may have on the artists’ creation.


Fan Zhou, also known as LONG REN, is the founder of the scenic rhythm, the pathfinder of painting curves. Colourful Landscape, the Mix of Golden Ink, Ink Diffused are the three of his famous series work. Several monographic series have been published, such as The Elephant and The Relic of the Heart in the Visual World.
Jia Tingfeng is an art curator, the chief editor of the Art Collection, senior art consultant of the Thai-China artist association, the artistic consultant of Germany DCKD Art Centre.

About “Art A to Z”
“Art Guide A to Z” is a method of explanatory form to demonstrate the whole picture or encyclopaedic way on specific object. The Art Guide A to Z on public education series in OCAT Xi’an will bring you to the discussion of the different topics about the realm of art. From the understanding of various art systems to appreciate and analyse a piece of art, from backstage of the art gallery to the hotspot of the art world, what we want to do is to make you feel the power of the art through certain interesting activities.
The Art Guide A to Z, as an opening activity for the project of public education for OCAT Xi’an. We use ink, one of the art language that tied this city closely, will be the first topic to bring to the audience to discuss.


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