Xi'an Conversations

    • Date
      2015.08.22 14:00-15:30
    • Guest
      Zhang Enli, Wang Guangle, Pu Hong
    • Moderator
      Karen Smith
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Pu Hong in Conversation With Zhang Enli and Wang Guangle

A number of years ago, Zhang Enli began to take his experiments with painting in a new direction. His approach was to take a whole room and paint the entire interior surface to create a three-dimensional mural painting, following the contours of the space. The expansion of painting to the multiple surfaces of a room, as a glorious contemporary conceptual mural, began in 2007, most recently in Shanghai, June 2015. For OCAT Xi’an, Zhang Enli creates a unique space painting that unfolds across the floor of the upper level gallery. This immersive approach allows visitors to float on the painted surface as they walk over it, sit or even lie down on it.
Wang Guangle can be said to have reintroduced the experience of time to his art: time is crucial to the process of producing his painting. For Wang Guangle, the canvas is more than the conventional surface with the paint as a thin layer above it. He understands painting to be the combination of these two elements, which is why Wang Guangle’s paintings have strong material nature. Colour is not important to this process. Wang Guangle can even be said to have abandoned painting techniques because every brush stroke is a repeat of the previous one to him. From this point of view, the paintings are nothing but “quasi-painting” illusion, conceived “only to visualise the gradual changes caused by time with the help of the slowly-changing colour.” These works belong less to painting than to time.
On August 22, guest curator Pu Hong will talk with Zhang Enli and Wang Guangle about their art practice and thinking.


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